Master Trader Alerts (2)

MISSION STATEMENT Equities can only do one of three things… Go up, Down or remain Flat. Our proprietary strategy is formulated to profit from any directional swings. With 22+ years of experience in trading with the same fluid strategy, it is now Mastertraderalerts’ mission to provide you with the alerts to profit by imitating our order sequences at your own will. STRATEGY Our positive results are derived from our proprietary trading formula, which encompasses 7 to 9 technical indicators. When 4 or more of our indicators align towards the implied direction, we execute our alerts to reflect a winning trade. GOAL We strive to compound 2%+ daily gains. Although, the recent years’ market volatility has blessed us with the opportunity of profiting a multiple of the above mentioned 2% on average. The purpose of our membership is to bring together retail traders to constantly profit from our victorious outcome.

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